2012 Olympics most emotional moments

Here are some of the heart touching moments from the 2012 Olympics. On Gold medal stand, you will hardly see an athlete capable enough to hold back tears when, his or her countries national anthem echoes and the flag goes up higher than all others.

our top selected 2012 olympics most emotional moments so far:


1) South Korea’s Shin A Lam led  Broke into tears repeatedly, when her opponent won on a final touch with 1 second remaining. the incredibly emotional drama continued for one hour when her team lodged the protest.


2)  teenager (15) Ruta Meilutyte gave her country (lithuania) a first-ever Olympic medal in the sport. the teenager cried a river while receiving the gold medal and then listening to her countries national anthem.



3) Antoine Valois-Fortier of Canada, on his knees  and in tears after defeating Travis Stevens of the United States in men’s judo. Winning a Bronze medal for Canada.



4)  Emotional opening of Louis Smith. Britain rolled up 272.420 points to assure themselves of a spot in Monday’s finals. Truly this was a big day for brits in gymnastics



5). Emotional the North Korea style. Gold medal winner Kim Un Guk of North Korea salutes to the national anthem during the medals ceremony after the men’s 62-kg, weightlifting competition.



6) Jordyn Wieber (USA) cries after her last routine. When  Wieber was knocked out of women’s gymnastics all-around final by U.S. teammate Aly Raisman at London Olympics.

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