5 Most Famous Soccer Players

Here is Knowzzle’s list of all time famous soccer players!!

1.     Pele

At the top of Knowzzle’s list is the all time famous Pele from Brazil. He has many achievements on his plate including the Football Player of the Century. He is the only soccer player who had the honor of being in the World Cup winning team thrice.

 2.   Armando Maradona

Next we have another great player of soccer Maradona from Argentina. He is the only soccer player who set a fee contract record twice while changing his teams, once when he transferred to Barcelona and the next to Napoli.

 3.   Zinedine Zidane

Then we have the famous bold French player Zidane. He was the lead in the 1998 World Cup and is currently the Football Director of Real Madrid. He is one of those players who has been the FIFA World Player of the Year three times in his career.

 4.   David Beckham

Then we have David Beckham who is also one of the highest paid soccer players. He was the first player from England to appear in 100 Champions League.

 5.    Ronaldinho

At 5th,we have another famous Brazilian player Ronaldinho  who has been awarded FIFA World Player of the Year twice.

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