5 Sexiest Skaters

List of the sexiest skaters!!

1.     Sasha Cohen

She started ice skating at the age of 11 but got popular at a later stage around in 2000 at the US Championships. She is the winner of Olympic silver medal 2006 as well as World Championship medal thrice.

2.   Anna Semenovich

Then we have a Russian skater who got popularity at the early stages of her career. She won the 1st place twice in Finlandia Trophy and 2rd place in Russian Championship.

 3.   Irina Movchan

She is a Ukrainian skater who won the Ukrainian National Champion twice and was a silver medalist in 2007 and 2010.

4.   Isabelle Pieman

Next we have a Belgian figure Isabelle Pieman. She has won many medals including the Belgian Champions thrice!!

5.    Tanith Belbin

She is a Canadian-American ice skater who has a lot medals accredited to her including the Olympics, Four Continents Championships, US Championships and World Team Trophy!!

Article publié pour la première fois le 04/03/2012

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