Animals That Mate With One For Life

Most of us think no other animal than humans could possibly be faithful to their spouses but it’s a cliche. To burst the bubble there are some animals that mate with one for life and are more loyal than humans. Animals that have single partners form a monogamous pair. There are said to be three kinds including the social, sexual and genetic monogamous pair. What is it which keeps them close?  A way of nature or something which is beyond the human brain to understand? Surely romantics would opt for the latter where as a normal human would say it’s a way of nature. Whatever it maybe, it’s definitely a stunner!! Topping our list of monogamous animals are the most beautiful birds, Swans. Swans are taken as a symbol of purity, beauty and love. What else could be better than beauty which goes with loyalty? They definitely do make a perfect love sign!!

Knowzzle brings you the list of monogamous animals.

  1. Swans

2.  Gibbons

3.  French Anglefish

4. Wolves

5. Albatrosses

6. Termites

7. Prairie Voles

8. Turtle Doves

9. Bald Eagles

10. Black Vultures



Article publié pour la première fois le 06/04/2012

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