Hand bags are a very important accessory for women of today. Trends in bags form a very important segment of international fashion and top of the line designers come up with their collection almost every season. New millennium was marked with a new season in realm of hand bags. Huge, colorful and funky bags replaced small, simple and minimalistic ones. Bags were seen as something more than just a carrier of things. They are now treated as a part of outfit. A bag can change your overall look and so, designer and expensive bags are also considered a very important part of the complete style and personality.

To carry an elegant look, bags are mostly matched with shoes or jewelry. The colors chosen are in range of black, grey, brown and white. They can also used with complementing sun glasses and jackets. Classy and fancy look is often maintained with plain gowns of mostly red and black in color with clutches adorned with studded diamantes. Moving from elegant to chic look, bags change their styles. Colors change to more funky ones. Pinks, green, purple, yellow and blue set in. Here the color of bag can be completely different or in strong contrast to the outfit. Bag here over shadows the entire outfit due to its bright funky colors. It is complemented by modern casual jewelry mostly going in line with the color of the bag. Colorful bright sandals and flip-flops normally go with these bags.

Bags for the women of today are smart, handy and classy, suiting their everyday requirements and personality. Choosing the right bag will surely enhance you over all look many folds.

Article publié pour la première fois le 12/02/2012

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