Courtship Customs Around the Globe

courtshipHollywood movies have taught the world the dating customs in America which has eradicated courtship among the young singles.  In some countries, the dating traditions have endured the changing times.  Here are a few of the dating customs that perk up romance in other cultures.

Japan has one of the strictest customs when it comes to dating.  Teens cannot date until they reach college years.  Promptness is very important in Japanese culture and it applies well when dating.  Being late for a date is a reason for a Japanese to think of you as inhuman and it may even be cause for breakup.

Courtship in Europe has its own queer elements. In Austria, women give men apples which have been tucked under their armpits during a whole traditional dance. A man would bite into an apple to show that he likes a woman.  In ancient Rome, a girl could be kidnapped and detained for three days to show a man’s affection for her.  The kidnapped woman becomes his wife after three days.

In South Korea, parents play a big role in dating.  It is important that parents like the person their adult child is going out with.  Parents can arrange blind dates for their children who cannot say no out of respect.  There are even places where a person has to face the parents of the boy/girlfriend by kneeling and bowing to them.  The parents then bombard the person with questions about their background.  A man also has to ask permission from the parents to marry their daughter.

In the Philippines, courtship is traditionally done with a serenade.  The man sings his heart out outside the window to the amusement of the neighbors, and it’s up to the parents of the woman if he will be let in the house.  This custom is gone now, and dating has become Westernized in the rural cities.  In the provinces, tribal rules are still followed wherein proper courtship is strictly observed.

There are no dating customs in Iran and in India because marriages are arranged by parents.  The marriage contract in India starts when the kids are very young.  The parents of both children agree on it and set a date for the marital rites.  The Indian children don’t live with each other right after marriage.  They can start living together when they reach puberty.  Iranians can reach adulthood before meeting with a potential spouse chosen by their parents.  The women are usually covered from head to foot so that the only body part that the man sees are the eyes.

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