How to know who your best friend is

Friends are one of the most important things in a person’s life. They are the ones who support us in things which we cannot share with our family. Many people now days have some friends that they consider their family.

The other day I was in my history class, completely bored out of my mind. So the only thing that I could do was to messaged my best friend to get me out. I did not get a reply so I got depressed and thought I was stuck here for another 40 minutes. After 10 minutes, out of nowhere I  saw the door burst open, him running in with a turban on his head screaming ‘Troll in the dungeon!… thought you oughta know’ and then collapsed on the floor just like in Harry Potter. The whole class erupted in laughter, even the professor. He was so amused that he let all of us go.

So how to know who your best friend is? It’s simple, it’s the guy who gets into trouble for you, who thinks of you as if thinking for himself and is there for you whenever you need him unless he is sleeping, if he is a heavy sleeper he won’t be there for you till he gets up, another way to know who your best friend is to know that he has your best interest in heart. He is the person who tells you thing straight to your face that no one else does, no matter if they are awkward, mean or good.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/10/2012

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