Top 5 American Football Players

Football has always been a great sports and exciting to watch.  It is loved all over the world, from the tensed moments, the missed goals and of course the winning. Everyone player has to work as a team to win. No one can get selfish or the whole team suffers. There are many leagues of football all over the world now. The National Football League was formed in 1920 which consisted of 11 teams and currently has 32 teams. NFL is the highest level of professional American Football in the States. Here are the top 5 NFL players of all time.

1.      Jerry Rice

When we talk about the greatest NFL players of all time, Jerry Rice comes into our mind. This has not changed over the years as he still stands at number one.  He was a runner up at Dancing with the Stars (US). He won 3 Super Bowl rings and along with the Oakland Raiders won an AFC Championship.  He was selected 13 times for the Pro Bowl and 11 times for All-Pro in his 20 NFL seasons. He had a total of 208 touchdowns.

2.     Jim Brown

He is one of the football players who made into the Hollywood as an actor. He has an outstanding career with a nine year of record as a running back. In his career he had 139 touch downs. He took the world by surprise when he retired from football at the age of 29.

3.     Joe Montana

At number 3, stands the winner of four times Lombardi trophy winner and three time Super Bowl MVP awards, Joe Montana.  He has the highest passer rating in NFL. He was the number one clutch of all time. He played for the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

4.     Lawrence Taylor

Next we have Lawrence Taylor in our top 5 American Football players. He is an all time top defensive players as he was a linebacker in his professional career and has won many defensive awards.  He had a total of 1,088 tackles, 142 sacks and 9 interceptions.

5.     Walter Payton

At 5th place, it’s Walter Payton in the top 5 American Football players.  He started his career in 1954 as a running back for the Chicago Bears. He was selected nine times for the Pro Bowl. He was also once the league’s record for most career rushing yards, touchdowns, carries and many others.  He is also a two time winner of NFL Most Valuable Player Award.  He died due to a rare liver disease in 1999 at the age of 45.

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