10 Weird Laws From Around the World

Every country has its own set of laws. These laws are made to ensure that the residents are able to live in a peaceful, harmonious place. Because countries differ on many things and different nationalities have diverse beliefs, lawmakers have made thousands of laws and bills ever since. Today, there have been records of weird and fairly humorous laws that were written and posted around the world. The top 10 most renowned odd laws are the following:

1. No More Eating and Sightseeing in Rome
Rome is known for its amazing architectural and historic places and landmarks. With this, lawmakers in the country have forbidden residents and tourists to eat and drink when in these renowned areas. Failing to follow would cost anyone a huge $650!

2. Separate Rooms with Friends in Dubai
Dubai, like any other United Arab Emirates cities are following several strict laws. Because it is part of an Arab country, Dubai has forbidden anyone to share a hotel room with someone from the opposite sex. Not unless you’re married though or related by blood.

3. No Sexy Heels in Greece
Stiletto heels are strictly prohibited in Greece, as lawmakers think that using one could damage the city’s great monuments. So much for fashion and sexy photo shoots, tourists.

4. Money and Faces in Thailand
In Thailand, residents and even tourists are not allowed to step on any currency. This is because they believe that stepping on a Thai coin with the King’s face is like insulting and disrespecting him.

5. No More Pigeon-feeding in Venice
Since Venice can’t get away with the thousands of pigeons that are landing on the city, they have prohibited tourists to feed such photogenic birds.

6. Less Coins, Less Hassle in Canada
According to the Currency Act of 1985 in Canada, paying for any item in all coins is strictly prohibited. With this, the government is now starting to actually phase out their one cent coins.

7. No Gums in Singapore
One of the many reasons why Singapore is renowned is because of its cleanliness and modern structures. However, one peculiar law that actually helps in preserving their cleanliness is the prohibition of eating gums.

8. Cheating, a Serious Crime in Bangladesh
Unlike many other countries, cheating in the final exams could actually put a 15 year old child in jail.

9. Control your Sandwiches in Massachusetts
When attending a wake in Massachusetts, make sure you only eat not more than 3 sandwiches, or else you’ll spend your night in jail.

10. No Dying in Sarpourenx
Last and the weirdest law is in Sarpourenx. The law prohibits residents to die there without plotting their place at the local cemetery. Other than that, they should plan out where they should be brought after they die.

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