How to make an effective diet plan!

If you want to loose weight yet maintain a healthy diet, there are a few things that you need to know. Many people believe that everything that you eat makes you fat. It is the most outrageous thing to believe in. Others believe that skipping everything in their meals or skipping the entire meals will make them look thinner, which is an even ridiculous thought to believe in. doing so will only make you lazy and sick. You would fail to meet you everyday energy requirements and so you will not be able to do your everyday works!

First of all, fats are the only thing which actually make you fat! So, avoid the food which is high in fat content for example meat. here you need to be careful as meat is a rich source of proteins and your body needs proteins on a regular bases to recover for the wear and tear in undergoes everyday. If you are cutting down on meat, you need to take other protein rich diet to meet your bodily needs for example spinach or any other dark green vegetable.

Secondly, carbohydrates that is sugar or glucose is a diet which converts into fats, if taken in excessive amounts. The sentence above is very self explanatory. You need to avoid taking in sugar in excessive amounts. Cutting it down completely is not a wise decision as glucose is a fuel your body takes to function. Low glucose levels can even be fatal.

Water intake is very important.  Make sure that when you are dieting, you take special care of your water intake. As you must be eating a lesser variety of food, so you also need to take care that the necessary vitamins and minerals are replaced in your body, specially, salts and vitamin C, D and E as they can not store themselves in the body and need to be taken in regularly.

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2012

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