5 Best Cities in the World Where You Can Earn Top Dollar

Earning enough to sustain your way of living can be tough especially when times are harder these days compared to before. However, there is a possibility that you can still earn top dollar when you move in to some of the highest paying cities in the world. There are several cities where you can draw a higher income compared to the rest but you need to keep in mind that this is no guarantee. There are many factors that can affect the amount of your take home pay even when you live in one of the highest paying cities in the world.

So, which cities are known for their high paying jobs? Well, here are the top five cities to consider.

  • San Jose- Sunnyvale-Sta.Clara – This area revolves mostly around IT jobs hence the median pay is around $93,000 and above. Those who are just starting their career in this field can have an annual pay of $86,000 where it can even go as high as $120,000 and above.
  • San Francisco-Oakland-Freemont – The median pay here is equivalent to $73,500. Those who have been working in their field for more than 5 years are most likely bringing home almost $60,000 annually. For those who have finished a degree in college can earn up to $108,000 per annum.
  • Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk – These areas in Connecticut rank third among the cities where people can earn higher. The finance industry mostly dominates the work force here where a couple of Fortune 500 companies are established here. With a median pay of over $67,000 and a starting pay amounting to $57,000 at least, it is no wonder why there are many people moving here as well.
  • Manchester – This is also another promising city to move into especially if you are in the health care department. The average wages here are between $64,000 and $75,000 at least.
  • Washington, D.C. – There are many job opportunities to be found in this city both old and new ones. Most workers here are in the finance industry but there are other options as well. Washington proved to have a higher annual salary compared to Boston and even New York. It has been estimated that an employee here can bring home over $80,000 every year. Those who have managerial positions are earning more than $120,000 annually with the chance of increasing their take home pay depending on their years of experience in their line of work.

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