5 Movies To Watch After a Breakup


Break ups are always hard to get through especially when you want to be by yourself. Here is a list of movies, you should watch after your break up.


1.       Forgetting Sarah Marshall


At the top of the list we have “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, starting Jason Segal the famous Marshall from “How I Met Your Mother”, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and the comedian Russell Brand. It’s a romantic comedy flick in which Jason tries to get over Kristen Bell who breaks up with him after a five year relationship. It grabbed a total of $105,173,115 at the box office.


2.       Annie Hall


Next on knowzzle’s list is “Annie Hall” directed by Woody Allen in 1977.  Woody Allen plays one of the main characters, who is in a relationship with Diane Keaton. The story revolves around how they maintain their relationship after breaking up and the movie ends with revealing how love and relationships are necessary even with the pain and complexity they come along with. The movie won 4 Academy Awards including best picture and best actress.  It made $38,251,425 at the box office.


3.       Pursuit of Happyness


Then we have “Pursuit of Happyness” of our list of 5 Best Movies to Watch after a Breakup. It stars Will Smith and his Jaden Smith. It revolves around their struggle to a happier life despite all the odds against them. The movie had many nominations including Academy Award for Best Actor and was a winner of Capri Award for the Movie of the Year. It grossed $307,077,300 at the box office.


4.       The Break Up


At number 4, we have “The Break Up” on our list. It’s another comedy drama of a break up starting Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. The story is about both of them trying to find their ways after breaking up and living in the same apartment. It’s funny in its own way and you will be able to relate yourself to it and see how well it all ends.  It made more than $ 203 million around the world.


5.       He’s Just Not That into You


Slipping at the 5th spot on our 5 Best Movies to watch after a Breakup is “He’s Just Not That into you”. The story is about nine people struggling with their relationships, only to end it lastly. It grossed $178,390,243 worldwide. The movie was nominated twice in Teen Choice Awards for different categories.

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