5 Dangerous Teenage Trends Every Parents Should Know About

Parenting becomes really hard when a child hits the teenage years. Teenagers will want to experiment and sometimes they engage in worrying trends. Here are top 5 dangerous teenage trends every parent should know about, lest your kid gets engrossed in them and gets lost forever.

1) Joining Gangs: This especially affects boys as only about 1 in every 10 gang members is female. According to the National Youth Gang survey that was carried out between 1996 and 2000, there are around 400,000 teenage gang members in the United States, accounting for 40% of all gang members. The leading cause for children joining gangs is said to be school failure, truancy and mental disorders.

2.) Bullying: It is worrying if your child is being bullied at school. More worrying is the fact that your teenage child could be the one doing the bullying. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, bullying is said to be more worrisome than racism with 20% of children reporting having been bullied at school. Kids who bully others are likely to have been a victim of their past, such as victims of home violence or child molestation and as a parent you ought to protect your children from this.

3.) Social media addiction: Addiction to networking sites such as Facebook and twitter has been on an inclining path over the past few years. A staggering 92% of users of social media cannot stay off it. For your teenage child, this can reduce the time they could otherwise have spent on productive activities. A good way to avoid having your teenage child addicted is to restrict their access to the internet either on a home computer or on mobile devices

4.) Eating disorders: The effect of anorexia and bulimia on teenagers is quite tough. The worst part is that teenagers are anorexic or bulimic without even knowing it. An estimated 90% of anorexic people are accounted for by girls with only 10% of them being male. Anorexia is ranked third among the most chronic diseases. Your teenage child should be taught to appreciate themselves and have no esteem issues.

5.) Sexting: Sexting is a word derived from ‘sex’ and ‘text’ and this closely ties in with social media addiction. It is where your child uses their mobile device for communication of a sexual nature with persons of the opposite nature. It may lead to inappropriate sexual activity.
Once you have a grasp of the top 5 dangerous teenage trends every parent should know about, the next step is to control your child’s movement without being too overbearing.

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/11/2012

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