5 Deceased Celebs The World Will Never Forget

Elvis Presley

Perhaps the most unforgettable of deceased celebs, Elvis has left behind an unmatched legacy and an insurmountable following. His fans were almost cult-like when attending his performances or listening to his music. During his live show, as attests his former guitarist Winfield Moore, the crowd could ‘go on a riot as soon as he started playing any of his tunes.’
Elvis Presley was born in 1935 and he died in 1977, but his music and followers have kept alive his spirit decades after his death.

Michael Jackson

It is not certain what the King of Pop is more famed for: his numerous visits to the cosmetic surgeon or his electrifying stage performances and chart topping hits. Michael Jackson reigned over the pop music scene for decades, starting out as a child. His controversial death in 2010 came just as he was about to do a concert that he had claimed would be the final curtain in his checkered but gleaming career.

Michael’s legacy is kept alive by his family of musicians and his numerous imitators all around the globe.

Marilyn Monroe

She was named Norma Jeane at birth, and her change of status to celebrity came with a change of name. After a few trying years in the film industry, she made a breakthrough in the film River of No Return in 1951.

From then on it was film after film of her portraying her seductive nature, bringing in great commercial success. Back then, movie scenes with nudity were few and far between, but Marilyn Monroe changed that, perhaps forever.

John Lennon

The English songster is best remembered for his rise to fame as a vocalist for the Beatles. Alongside Paul McCartney, he formed a boy band which has lived to see the greatest album sales in the world. The albums that Lennon did by himself did sales exceeding 14 million copies as at 2012. From 1963 to 1970 his group the Beatles reigned supreme in England and in many parts of the world.

His death came in December 1980 after he was gunned down in his apartment. But even death has not made those who loved him and his music, love him any less.

Mother Teresa

She is well known for her charity work and her humility. To date any act of service you do will get a joke thrown at you for ‘being Mother Teresa.’ She may not have been a celebrity in the sense of the others in this list, but the Catholic Mother of Faith makes it to the list of 5 most unforgettable deceased celebs because of her selfless acts during her life. Despite her death in 1997, she will live in the hearts of many for years to come.

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