Washing machine & drying appliance – Useless 5 features

Most people fall for greener and energy efficient appliances but most of them are either rip-off having ineffectual features with a hefty price tag.


These eco-cycles aren’t even close to saving energy as their results are very negligible when you use washing machine or drying appliances

Digital time displays

Again, the digital displays aren’t only fragile but unreliable because the clothing you intend to dry varies with different types garments which cheat the estimated time of

the dryer and washing in washing machine.

Special cycles

Washing machine with special cycles come pretty expensive but why buy them when standard cycles are capable of handling most needs of today’s garments.

Steam settings

Its true steam feature in washing machine settings come in handy for taking out odors but with a price. After testing this feature several times, the clothes came out with wrinkles which had to be ironed.

Vent-blockage indicators

When dryers work, these indicators detect if the vent is blocked but they are inconsistent and the user has to be very cautious not to wreck the washing machine or drying appliance.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/10/2012

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