5 Food Items We Thought Were Healthy but They Aren’t!

Food is one of the best things to have ever happened to humankind! However, obsession of anything is bad and food is no exception to this rule. Extreme passion for food is acceptable until one doesn’t develop it in a form of disease or addiction. This piece of writing, however, isn’t about the diseases that can occur as a result of over eating, rather it’s an unpleasant surprise because the danger lies in some of the food items that we fall back on as healthy eating. Gasp in horror, shall we? Or rather become more careful and aware of the dangers and avoid them as much as possible.

According to the detailed report published under Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these are few of the food items that are highly dangerous:

  1. Leafy Greens: Leafy greens involving iceberg lettuce, cabbage and spinach are highly contaminated with pathogens which are infectious organisms and producers of disease in a human body. So one of the ugly truths that we will have to face is the fact that salads can actually be dangerous. Watch out, you all! Pick the right veggies for your salad serving the next time.
  2. Eggs: The contributor towards few of our best breakfasts, FDA has reported that eggs have been responsible for 352 outbreaks. Eggs contain these bacteria called salmonella which can cause temporary illnesses like fever, nausea and intestinal damage. One can avoid this problem by cutting down on egg consumption and avoid purchasing raw eggs.
  3. Potatoes: Love that salty, peppery, garlic-y, cheesy, crispy French fires, eh! Potatoes are, nearly, the one food item that is loved when baked, fried and cooked. This hardest to say no to food item contains pathogens and salmonella along with shigella that is a bacteria that can infect one’s digestive tract and cause nausea, vomiting etc. It also contains a similar germ, listeria, which is found in potato salads.
  4. Cheese: Now this one is a huge heartbreak. After all, this is personal favorite. This one is rich in pathogens, listeria and salmonella. So all those cheese lovers cut down on your pasta appetites or stop smothering them in that rich, molten, savory and creamy liquid!
  5. Ice-creams: Let’s lower down our screams for ice-creams because this one is a serious danger, especially to those with a heavy sweet tooth. Ice-creams contain staphylcoccus that is a mild bacterium but can cause skin infections. This one can cause pimples and boils to develop on the skin. This can also take an extreme form and cause severe skin illnesses. Ice-cream is definitely hardest to let go but easier to cut down on. One isn’t running out of cold treats yet anyways!

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/03/2012

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