5 keys to longer hair!

An old idea surviving the minds of women is that longer hair means that you need to grow, and grow and grow them without any trimming. It is a very false belief as it only harms you hair and effects their strength. If you want to grow your hair, you need:

1)       good trimming every two to three moths. Trimming helps you get rid of the split ends and keeps your hair in good shape. You hair are not rough edged and dull. Regular trimming help your hair grow in a similar volume and so you do not end up with a ten hair bush at the end of your pony tail!

2)      Secondly, oiling is very important. It helps your air retain strength and color. It also moisturizes them and help reduce hair breakage and hair fall. oil makes hair more flexible, so they tangle less and do not break easily.

3)      need to know your hair type accurately. Do not make hunches! Go ask a dermatologist if you can not figure it out. It is important because only then can you choose the right product for your hair. Mostly the products do not work on us simply because they are not for us! Until we know the exact problem with our hair, we can never solve it!

4)     do not wash your hair with hot water. It burns and damages them. It loosens the grip of the scalp and so hair fall occurs. Use water which is comfortably  warm but does not burns your scalp.

5)      try to keep your hair bound.Open hair under go more wear and tear and split ends. If not at work, try to keep them bound at home.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/02/2012

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