Headache and its 5 most common triggers

1. Don’t let caffeine fool you!


While most caffeine users think it’s the answer to headache, latest studies suggest taking too much caffeine or even withdrawing the addiction too quickly can result in toxic spasms and excessive release of histamine which is a notorious headache trigger.


2. Avoid passive smoking


Passive smoking is as hazardous as real smoking and gets even more annoying for headache. When you are surrounded by habitual smokers, you have the right to leave their smoky domain especially when your headache are the cause of this trigger.


3. Make your life organized


Adding a proper schedule to your life can help reduce stress, which is cause of headache. While going with your daily routine, talk less and eat healthy but don’t lose laughter as we all know the phrase, “laughter is the best medicine”.


4. Do not cheat your sleeping hours


According to a survey some 62% job owners get back from their office hours and lay a nap but deprive their bodily needs of rest and consequently end up having nocturnal habits such as eating all night glued to a TV set, which ultimately leads to frequent headache.


5. Bright lights can trigger headaches


Sometimes the main culprit of headache turns out to be your surroundings in patients with undiagnosed cases of headache. In these cases of headache, people are often allergic to effulgent lights such as strobe lights, flood lights and other forms of intensive light. Using softer or milkier bulbs in your home interior can help you cope with this allergy.

Article publié pour la première fois le 06/10/2012

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