5 Reasons To Wear Black

Black is a color that never goes out of fashion. It suits everyone and can be worn at any time of the day during any season. It looks elegant even if worn without any sort of styling done. So, black is a favorite color when it comes to outfits, always!

Secondly, black makes you look thinner. Yes! Black is one magical shade that enhances your beauty and helps you stand out in the crowd, irrespective of what your weight might be.

The third advantage of wearing black is that from the cheapest to the most expensive fabric, it is manufactured abundantly. You can easily find it in the fabric and texture of your choice. Similarly, black makes it easier to accessorize as virtually every other hue looks good when matched with black.

The fourth reason why black should be your fabric of choice is that it provides you with a lot of room to experiment with make up. Whether its smoky eyes that you want to try or glitter, shimmer or nude make up, it’ll always go with your black outfit. The same rule would apply to your lipsticks – no matter what the shade is, whether its scarlet red, hot maroon, bright pink, or more earthy ad neutral shades – they will almost always compliment your black attire.

Finally, jewelry of any style and any color suits black! You can wear diamonds, pearls, gems, zircons, sapphires or anything other stone of your choice and look just as brilliant. Black also does not discriminate between metals so whether its gold, silver, platinum or imitations that you decide to adorn, rest assured that if you have black outfit to go with it, no one can stop you from looking fabulous!

There you have it! Five solid reasons why you should not think twice and grab an the first black dress that catches your eye!

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2012

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