5 reasons to buy Android tablet and not iPad

Tablets really proved to be a game changer as far as personal computing is concerned. If you are in the market for a tab, it will eventually boil down to the iPad and Android tablets.  Google is giving a real hard time to tablet big boy apple, who introduced us with simplicity and excellent usability. If you are already inclined towards cheaper alternatives, here are your five reasons to choose an Android Tablet:


The price is averagely 20-30% low compared to any iPad available today. You can even save more with low end models that satisfy your need. The reason for low price being that android is not specific to a brand. Many manufacturers use Google’s tab software for their machines including tech giants Motorola and Samsung. So if you are looking for a cheaper tablet gets an android.

Android is open source:

applications are essential when using a tablet PC. They say that genius behind apple is iTunes, I say genius behind android is open source. There are millions of applications available for free and if you are a coding junkie you can design one for yourself.


imagine using internet without flash player, there will be no animations no movies and even no games. Android provides us a solution as every android tab is flash enable.

More interfaces:

Android gives you freedom of connecting a lot of external devices to your tab, as many models come with built in interfaces for USB, Memory card and HDMI. This will give you a fuller experience as compared to any ISO based tab.

Desktop Customization:

Finally android gives you freedom to customize desktop precisely to your liking. Applications such as launcher pro enable you to run a custom desktop on top of the pre-installed operating system. Some good examples are amazon’s kindle fire and B&N’s nook. So no more ugly grids!

So if you  are in the market to choose an android tab here are your five reasons to get one!

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