5 Smallest Seas in the World

Here is the list of the world’s smallest seas.

1.     Gulf of California

Also known as the “Sea of Cortez”, this is the smallest sea of the world. It lies in the territory of Mexico between Latin America and the Caribbean. The surface area is approximately 62,000 sq mi. It is one of the richest seas with regard to bio-diversity as Gulf of California is home to approximately 5000 species of marine creatures. Gulf of California is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2.   Persian Gulf

Also famous by the name of “Arabian Gulf” or “The Gulf”, this is the second smallest sea in the world. It is in the Southwest of Asia between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula and covers an area of 97,000 sq mi with an average depth of 160 feet. It was exposed to many oil spillages due to which the fishing ground has experienced considerable damage.

3.   Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea is the area between mainland China and the Korean Peninsula in the East China Sea.  Also named as Hwang Hai, it covers an area up to 150, 000 sq mi with an average depth of 144 feet.

4.   Baltic Sea

Located in Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea is surrounded by the Scandinavian Peninsula. It has a surface area of 146,000 sq mi with an average depth of 180 feet.

5.    North Sea

The North Sea is located in Atlantic Ocean covering an area f 290,000 sq mi and having an average depth of 312 feet.

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