5 Steps To Impress A Girl

Everyone wishes to leave a good impression on others, be it girls or boys. Boys plan to impress a girl who they really like but they get nervous and eventually the plans fails. Here are the 5 simple steps to impress a girl.


Step 1: Be Casual

While you are out with a girl, make sure you don’t look too serious or have discussions on serious topics. Make the evening light, talk about casual and random stuff. Make her laugh and don’t overdo anything. Girls like sweet and sensitive men.

Step 2: Be Honest

While talking to a girl, make sure you are not lying or being dishonest about yourself. Be confident while talking to her and don’t make her feel sorry for you. After all, women like strong and honest men. Don’t try to act natural, be natural.

Step 3: Show your concern

Be all ears while she is speaking. Just listen to what she has to say, show your concern and don’t give solutions for her problem. All she needs is, you to listen to her with all your attention. Be supportive of what she says.

Step 4: Be spontaneous

Never plan conversations in your head before going out with her. Be spontaneous and just go with the flow. Everything will turn out fine.

Step 5: Don’t forget to complement her

Every girl is beautiful in her own way but what a girl needs to hear is how beautiful she is on the inside. Do complement  her looks or the clothes she’s wearing but don’t forget to tell her how caring and loving she is. If she tells a joke, laugh and let her know she is good at telling them.

These are the simple 5 steps to impress a girl. Follow these and you will surely get her attention.


Article publié pour la première fois le 17/02/2012

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