5 Tips to Get Hired, Fast

It’s not so often that someone lands a job upon less than a month of sending out applications. Is there really a technique to it? Hiring experts say that there aren’t  It is how job seekers present themselves that could determine if they qualify or not. Here are some tips that could help you when aspiring for a job.

1. The first step in a job application process is to understand the qualifications asked for. If none of the job description fit your credentials, don’t waste your time. Most applicants tend to put in emotional investment when hoping for a job. Save yourself some anguish and just skip out on jobs that don’t concern you.

2. Misspellings and bad grammar are signs of laziness, lack of attention to details and unprofessionalism. These may seem meaningless but it says a lot about your personality and how serious you are in landing a job. Proofreading what you’ve written could make a difference to the jobless situation. Besides, how hard is it to use the spell and grammar check on a word processor?

3. Tailoring a résumé is a good technique to give employers a second look at your credentials. Enumerating your numerous job experience and your hundreds of educational seminars all on a 5-paged résumé can all be in vain and simply tossed to the trash bin. While it’s necessary to mention job experiences, you may leave out those who don’t have anything to do with the job required. You may highlight the jobs that count if you feel the need to write all of them. Also, the use of some words on the job posting can coax the employer to give you an interview. But lying on a résumé is not at all advisable.

4. Be humble and truthful about yourself. Hiring manages can detect an overdecorated résumé. Clichés on application letters will not be taken seriously because, well, they’re clichés. Show originality in your application letter and that will surely catch their attention. A good application letter should sound sincere and must match the job experience stated on the résumé.

5. If you do get the interview, prepare for answers. But not to the extent that you’re going to speech your way into the whole thing. Be yourself, and be honest. Laugh a little, but seriousness must be predominant. Express how much you want the job but don’t sound like you’re begging.

After your interview, send an email to thank the interviewer. It must be short and concise, with a sentence to reiterate why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/01/2013

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