Hybrid Animals – Top 5 on the list

1. Wolf Dog

Wolf dog is a hybrid of dog and wolf. Wolves have stronger jaws, muscle tone and are more aggressive. Training is vital to control the temperament of this hybrid.

2. Zebroid

Zebroid are hybrid of zebra and any other hoofed mammal. They also have slightly unpredictable temperament.

3. Liger and Tigon

Ligers are offspring of male lion and female tiger and tigons are the opposite. Tigons are smaller than their parents but ligers grow indefinitely throughout their life.

4. Polar Grizzly

Polar Grizzly is a hybrid of polar and grizzly bears. Only one was shot in Canada, the rest have been known to exist in captivity.

5. Leopon

Leopon is a hybrid of male leopard and female lion. They are not water shy, enjoy climbing and are larger than leopards.




Article publié pour la première fois le 04/10/2012

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