5 ways to help you socialize and get rid of loneliness

These days being neglected leads to loneliness which in turn turns to depression and other health problems. We might have something for you if you are currently in this type of situation or in need of someone’s help.
So what is loneliness?
It has the following factors
  1. A feeling of having no common bond with the people around you
  2. Feeling disconnected from others
  3. Feeling sad because there is no one else available to be with you
  4. Feeling uncomfortable being by yourself
  5. Feeling that there is no one in your life who really cares about you
  6. Being without friends or a companion
  7. Feeling like you don’t have anyone who wants to be with you
  8. Feeling abandoned
  9. Being unable to connect with anyone on either a physical or emotional level
  10. Feeling left out








Relieving Loneliness:

we can get rid of this phenomena eventually with a fresh deep breath, time and self esteem.

1. Work on liking yourself. If you don’t like yourself, it is hard to feel that others will like you. This often makes if difficult to reach out to others.

2. Plan ahead. If you feel lonely much of the time, it may be because you don’t enjoy spending time alone.

3. Join a support group. Support groups are one of the best places to make good friends.

4. Go to meetings, lectures, concerts, readings and other events and activities in your community. Check the newspaper for listings of events that sound interesting to you.

5.Volunteer. Work for a worthy organization or cause that you feel strongly about.

These steps might help you out in the beginning to give you a little push. And then you will be able to walk on your own.




Article publié pour la première fois le 01/10/2012

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