5 Ways To Make Your Marriage A Success

Every girl dreams to have a wonderful wedding and to live happily ever after but what happens next? There are fights and arguments between couples but does it mean they aren’t happy with each other? There are always ups and downs in every relation but it doesn’t mean they can’t make things better between them. Living with your spouse can be much more comforting and loving if they understand each other. Here are very simple and easy 5 ways to make your marriage a success.

1. Actions speak louder than words

A couple knows they love each other but you need to show it on regular basis by small gestures. Maybe getting him/her flowers on your way back from work, getting her ice cream or even wearing his favorite dress and even just complementing each other. These are little acts which make a huge difference and makes them feel special. keep your promises to them, don’t make just words.

2. Being Perfect

Marriage is not about finding the perfect match but being perfect for each other. Accept and respect each other’s difference instead of arguing about the imperfections and differences. Give without expecting a return or a reward. It’s never give and take with your loved ones.

3. Patience & Understanding

Be patient with the shortcomings of your spouse. Talk to them about what bothers you and develop an understanding with them. With the passage of time, your spouse would understand you even before you have a discussion about your botheration. Listen to what your spouse has to say and be attentive.

4. Spend Time

Instead of rushing and squeezing too many things within a limited time, spend less but quality time with your partner. If you can’t spend much time with them due to long working hours, stay in touch with them over the phone or text messaging. This gives a sense of belonging to your spouse and makes them feel worthy of your time.

5. Trust & Honesty

Always be honest with your spouse. It’s considered better to be honest to your spouse then keeping them happy with the lies. It would hurt them more, if they found out you have been lying to them from an outside source.  Build a trust with your spouse and never take them for granted. Loyalty turns into happiness.

Article publié pour la première fois le 17/02/2012

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