60 Patients, 30 Kidneys: Largest Organ Transplant Marathon Concludes Successfully

United States made history when the world’s largest series of organ transplants encompassing 60 patients and 30 kidneys finally concluded after 4 successful months.

This is how the transplant marathon worked: if one person was not a match for his/her loved one, s/he would donate their organ to someone else in return for an organ donation for their loved one. This formula that sounds fairly simple required careful donor matching to ensure that each person who donated his/her kidney also received one in return for their sick relative.

This ‘chain of life’ took four months to complete and spanned over hospitals across 11 states of the US.

The transplant marathon commenced with Rick Ruzzamenti, a 44-year-old from Riverside, California, who decided to donate a kidney to a stranger altruistically and concluded with Donald C Terry Jr, from Joliet, Illinois, who was dying of renal failure and had no family willing or able to donate a kidney to him.

Cheers for the mysterious way the universe works and the ever-amazing miracles of science!

Article publié pour la première fois le 20/02/2012

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