A few ways to kill time!

The most effective way to kill time is create a facebook account! Yes, it is anything but true. You will not even feel how your clock will start to run as if its on a cross country! Weather or not you accept, but within a month you will be a stalker who knows to dig out any piece of information that  he wants to from a very limited data available. You will know names and bio data of people who are completely and totally not relevant to you and your life. All you innate spying capabilities will be polished and you will be using them super effectively and efficiently.

Another one would be star watching a season! It is a better activity than above and I will call it a productive one. Many seasons help you learn about history, technology and life. They make you laugh and spend a quality time. Seasons like “ The big bang theory’’ will surely improve your sense of humor  and yes, your knowledge regarding ‘physics’ as well!  Seasons like “Game of thrones’’ give you some idea about history.

So yes watching seasons is a productive way to pass time.


Another good idea would be to play Mine Sweeper, easily accessible by clicking start tab of your PC, then accessories, then games and then Mine Sweep! You have no idea how addictive this game can get and how much you can get involved into it. Solitaire would be another choice.

A few more options will be to read comics, doodle your name, paint, red books (not a mostly preferred one), play some mind games or make a maze by yourself!

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/02/2012

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