Am I pretty?

A recent controversy going on with you tube videos is that many girls and children under eighteen years of age are uploading videos asking the world if they are pretty and attractive or not. These videos have been witnessed to have millions of views within few days accompanied by abusive comments by the viewers. These incidents have raised several concerns about the website and societal pattern of today’s world.

Technology is accessible to all but awareness is not. Many critics have pointed out that Youtube has failed to maintain its policy of only allowing users above eighteen years of age but the problem here is that it is very hard to determine that the user accepting the policy is being honest. Secondly, how to account for the ever increasing number of sign ups every day. If strict policies are made, it will lead to deprivation of many eligible people to hold accounts specially in third world countries. Strict policies will hinder the access to data sharing and media sharing websites like Youtube. Same is the case with Facebook and emails or any other website of user based genre.


Secondly, parental concerns are challenged in incidents like this. Parents at work or those away from home are unaware of what their children are up to. They have no knowledge of what websites their children are accessing and even if they know they fail to keep a check as they will certainly be not having the passwords. When news channels accessed the parents of girls who were as young as thirteen, parents reported that they were completely unaware of what was going on. According to psychologists, children who are insecure often do take such measure to gain attention and feel important. Such insecurities can take birth in children when parents fail to provide them with proper care and attention.

The website has not yet taken any steps about the controversy, however, it did have requested parents to have a look at parental guidance policy of Youtube.

Article publié pour la première fois le 07/03/2012

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