An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

In 1736, Benjamin Franklin stated that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, referring to the importance of fire prevention in the time when fires were destroying Philadelphia. The saying can be applied to many other fields, but nowadays it is mainly used to highlight the importance of prevention in the field of medicine. It is absolutely vital to do whatever it takes to prevent our bodies from getting sick, to try our best to eat healthy, exercise and avoid things that will harm us in order to lead a long and happy life. We owe this to ourselves, our children and the people who love us.

Let’s say you do eat the right foods and you do exercise and you feel well, what else could you do to ensure you are top notch condition? Get some tests and confirm you are in top notch condition! Blood tests are a great way to correctly evaluate the state of our health. Find out if your organs are functioning the way they should, if your vitamin and mineral levels are within normal limits and if there’s anything you should be worried about. It is advisable to have a full panel of blood tests done every year, regardless of you well you’re feeling. Needless to say, if you happen to experience any discomfort, pain or you just feel like there’s something wrong, you should go to your doctor immediately and get checked. The longer you wait, the worse you are going to feel – unfortunately the majority of illnesses do not go away on their own, they need to be evaluated and treated.

Ask around or go online to see which laboratory is closer to you and make a reservation to the one you prefer. Local lab testing in California, for example, as in most states, will require you to only place an order by email or phone. You will get confirmation, and as soon as you get it you can go over to the center and have your blood drawn, get your blood pressure measured or test your glycemic index. In a few days, you will be able to get the results back and they will be easy to read, even by yourself – your results are shown next to the normal levels and anything above or below will be easy to detect. If there are any results that worry you, please contact your physician and schedule an appointment.

Article publié pour la première fois le 19/11/2012

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