And Your Flavor Is…!

It’s amazing how little things in life reveal big secrets. Where there are crystal balls, magic spells and physiologies to read a personality, nature confirms a short way out .After undergoing several tests and conducting numerous studies , it  has been reveals that ice cream flavors can also depict about what kind of a person you are . Surprising as it is , your sense of taste and choice in ice-cream flavors tell a lot of about your personality. That is because your sense of taste and flavor is influenced by sentiments and overall behavior.  In case you choose Vanilla then you are an ambitious person with high aims and you are a risk taker. This means that you will do anything to achieve your goals. You might be more of a private person who loves adventures and have a hectic life. You attract people unconsciously and are most attached to your friends and family. Then there is strawberry flavor which highlights a psychologically robust personality. You may still be a little shy on the outside but in times of problems you stiffen up to give an opinion you stand for. You like things well detailed and can easily be made to feel very guilty. The flavor Butter Pecan tells about a perfectionist and careful nature while Banana reveals an adaptable ongoing personality. If you love chocolate, which is the most wanted flavor then you have a very interesting personality. Chocolate means that you are energetic, jolly .friendly full of life and love to party. You are flirt, well dressed and easily influenced .You has a thirst for creativity and are an enthusiast. You’re quite a charmer and usually in the limelight and take love as passion and devotion. Day to day boring life routines can bore you and so you are always running for the thrill of It. If you want a little bit more and love chocolate chip then you are generous and competitive. Little things in life often surprise us in many ways .Each of them holds a wonderful meaning in itself .  So next time you choose an ice cream flavor remember the secrets behind!

Article publié pour la première fois le 30/07/2012

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