Anonymous Denies Having any Internet Blackout Plans

A plan emerged out today in which someone, claiming to be an “Anonymous” member, declared his/her plan of shutting down the internet on 31st of March (this year). However, in a twitter post, Anonymous has distanced itself from the claim, saying that they have no intentions of crippling the internet system.

Termed as “Operation Global Blackout”, documents emerged on multiple websites today which contained the detailed plans of why Anonymous has decided to temporarily shut down the internet and how they are going to achieve their target.

On March 31, anonymous will shut the Internet down. In order to shut the Internet down, one thing is to be done. Down the 13 root DNS servers of the Internet. (Click here for original post)

However, Anonymous has denied the rumors, saying that anyone can claim to be part of Anonymous and can post anything.

GlobalBlackOut is another Fake Operation. No intention of #Anonymous to cut Internet.

So looks like the original plot was a brainchild of some attention seeker.

Article publié pour la première fois le 23/02/2012

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