Another Disaster Known as Hair Gel

For the fashion that is going on now days, guys need to use hair gel or something to get their hair to stand straight.

No doubt that hair gel gives you the advantage of styling your hair in various ways according to the ongoing fashion. No matter how curled up your hair is, hair gel can always set them straight. Even if you have very long hair, it will be set straight from the use of hair gel but the thing that we need to focus on that there are more disadvantages to hair gel than advantages.

Applying too much hair gel daily results in rough hair structure, dry scalp, flakes, frizzes and even causing the hair to break off. Now just for some stupid fashion we guys are destroying our hair and soon we are not going to be left with any. I would advise all you guys, not to use hair gel or at least reduce the quantity you’re applying.

If you are using hair gel there are some things that can be done like it’s important to wash your hair daily if you’re using gel regularly. Always buy good quality hair gel as it has reduced disadvantages and does not cause as much harm to your hair as a cheap one. The best part in a male or a female is to have good and healthy hair and not get them to break off even before we hit thirty.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/10/2012

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