Are you suffering from a phobia?


Many of do not realize but we do suffer from one or more psychological ailment which effects our life in many, many different ways. In many societies either psychological ailments are not considered important or other wise are considered a taboo. Many a times we simply ignore them and fail to recognize how important they are and that they are proper diseases which not only effect the life of the person suffering from them but also effects those involved in dealings with such people. Such ailments effect the entire life style of the sufferer and also his inter personnel relationships. Most common form of psychological ailments are phobias and many people suffer from one or another kind of them. Lets have a look at some of the most common kind of phobias exist and how to identify them.

Achluophobia is one of the most common kind of phobia and it is the fear of darkness. People suffering from it can not tolerate dark spaces. Acrophobia is the fear of height and  such people can not climb stairs and tall places. They fear falling from heights.  Agyrophobia is fear of crossing the road and such people are extremely puzzled and confused when they cross the road. Haematophobia is the fear of blood. People suffering from it can not even look at a small rash with even a drop of blood. Claustrophobia is the fear of small places. Such people are nervous of crowded places. They can not stand in lifts and tight corners. Gamophobia is fear of getting married or getting into a relationship. Such people can never make commitments or if they do, they are always uncertain about the conduct of their partner. They suffer a lot in their family life as they fail to trust. Even if they try, they are not able to trust their partners.

These are only a few kind of most common phobia but the list is very long. People should learn about them and consult proper medication and treatment as almost all of them are curable.


Article publié pour la première fois le 02/03/2012

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