Are you suffering from depression?

Suicide rates are rising these days specially among the young people. They have never been witnessed to sky rocket in this speed ever before. The main reason behind young people committing suicide is depression and anxiety. We all are familiar with these two worlds, but it is important to know their actual meaning, causes and prevention so that we can manage ourselves and guide our friends and family suffering from these.

Depression is a state of mind in which the person suffering feels that he no longer fits into his social circle. He tends to believe that his life and efforts are useless and no one needs him. He looses the sense of belonging and goes deeper and deeper into his thoughts which then turn self destructive. Insomnia is one the main causes of depression. People who deprive themselves of a healthy sleep are more prone to get into depression. Patients suffering through depressions are also kept on medicines which make them to sleep so that their nerves can relax and they start to feel better about them selves.

Anxiety is also linked with depression and occurs when a tension or a worry eats a person inside out. It is more common among people who are reluctant to share their problems. To curb anxiety, you should talk to someone you trust without. Sharing releases your tension and makes you feel better. If you feel that any someone in your friends of family is upset, you should try to talk to them. Help them out in managing their stress.

If you feel that you are suffering from depression, you should remind yourself that ups and downs are part of life. Bad times never stay and a few bad happenings can not deteriorate your worth. Think about people who care about you, your parents, siblings and friends! Every person is born strong enough to face the life right in its eyes, its just about how we do it!

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/03/2012

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