Asthma prevention, treatment and diagnosis










Asthma is characterized by breathing difficulties which include coughing, gasping and feeling of constriction around the chest. In most cases asthma is treatable but if left neglected it may result in permanent damage.

Asthma can be genetically transferred from parents to children through genes. Insanitary environment in both work place and the surroundings also contribute to it. These pollutants range from automotive exhaust fumes to the dangerous gases evolved during industrial processes. It can also be a result of allergic reactions. In certain cases it can result from injury or infection to the respiratory system.

Asthma is both life threatening and chronic. No effective cure has been formulated yet, so prevention is termed as the best medicine. Everyday life should be modified to avoid polluted environment and allergens that trigger asthma attacks. Frequent medical examinations should also be undertaken.

Article publié pour la première fois le 01/10/2012

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