Back to Basics: Top 5 Things to do This Valentine’s Day

It’s the 14th of February and love is in the in the air again! But if you’ve tried all that was to try and feel that you would want to do something new and innovative, here is our top 5 to-do list for this Valentine Day!

Wake up with a smile
They say you aren’t nicely dressed until you wear a smile! So set your worries aside for a day and start your day with a big smile! Life is beautiful, start celebrating from today!

Write a love letter
We’re so used to sending quick texts and drafting e-mails that the pleasure of writing and reading a simple love letter seems to have been lost. Revive the age old tradition today and serve your loved one with a simple love letter with tea!

Make your home a romantic destination
Decorate your home or a specific corner of your house to depict a romantic destination that you and your loved one would want to one day visit. It could be anything that your imagination creates from a beach house to the moon!

Take your loved one in your arms and start the day with a little dance to your favourite number. There’s nothing like melting away with the sound of music.

Hold hands
Even if you and your loved one decide to spend the V-day slumped on your couch watching TV, make sure that you hold hands. This is the single most adorable act that two people in love can do – test its magic again!

Watch your favourite movie
It doesn’t have to be chick flick, if you both enjoy Star Wars make sure you watch it together today. There’s nothing like laughing and bonding over a common movie that you both love!

In short – it’s time to go back to the basics and enjoy the little pleasures that you’ve not explored in a long while.

Article publié pour la première fois le 14/02/2012

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