Beauty and what people use around the world to enhance it

Beauty is something we all go after. No matter it be people from America who put on makeup or the women in the most rural tribes of Africa who put paint on themselves to look good. Everyone wants to enhance their beauty and they do different things to do it. People all over the world use many different things to increase their beauty.

Women in Australia are known to use Yarrow roots to enhance their beauty, these roots are anti-inflammatory which soothes the skin and prevents stretch marks thanks to its moisturizing and hydrating properties.

Chilean women use red grapes to increase their beauty, what they do is that they make a paste using red grapes. They do they by first mashing up some red grapes and then add two tablespoon of white flour till a nice paste if made, if they need to add some more grapes they do. After it is complete they put it on their face for about ten minutes and then wash it off.











Dominican woman  are known to chop up fresh garlic, they add it do a bottle of clear nail polish and they let it stew for about seven to ten days than apply it on their nails to make them strong, they use garlic as it has strengthening properties.

Egyptian women take baths in milk. Now taking a bath is milk is wasteful and is expensive so what they do is they fill the bath with water and add two cups of powdered milk. It makes the water into milk and they take a bath in it for nice, smooth, silky and soft skin.

Article publié pour la première fois le 21/10/2012

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