Beauty tips all the way from India

People don’t have to spend a lot of money on expensive products to look beautiful. There are many things in your kitchen that can be a good alternative, beauty tips that are being used by women all over the world.

Indian women use fresh castor oil to remove the puffiness from the eyes, another thing that they do to remove the puffiness is to put cucumbers or dab cotton balls with cold milk and rub them on these eyes.

Adding a drop of rose water in your eyes before you sleep can refresh your eyes. To prevent lips from drying, you can use a mixture of Vaseline and honey.

We can also prevent age spots on our hands by rubbing a piece of lemon all over our hand before washing. These are the beauty tips from the women in India.


Indian woman mostly wake up before sun rise as it is very healthy. They also do yoga and go for a walk or a run in the morning as it keeps the hormones in balance. They also do strange practices like when they get up, they fill their mouths with water, then splash water on their face keeping their eyes closed. They say it enhances their beauty and their health.

They also include herbs like ginger and turmeric into their diets as they have many qualities like antiseptic properties which help against common cold. They also consume aloe Vera  because it is said the it is a cure for a lot for diseases and keeps  the person healthy.

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/10/2012

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