Beauty tricks that celebrities use

Why is it that celebrities always look so beautiful, so perfect?  The answer is they know things that we don’t. They do some things that we are maybe too lazy to do or we just don’t know them.

Here are some beauty tricks you can also use to look beautiful. After applying makeup, go stand near a hot shower for 10 minutes, the steam sets the makeup while the moisture makes the skin look plump and fresh.

We all hate double chin, an easy beauty trick to hide this is to run a caffeine rich cream on your jaw line. The caffeine will suck out all of the excess fluids and reduce the puffiness. The effect will last 3-4 hours only and be sure to keep it away from your eyes.

If you need to remove acne fast, a good beauty trick is, just dab the spots with nasal spray or eye drops. These shrink the blood vessels taking away the redness and bringing down inflammation.

Most celebrities use a lot of moisturizer and sun screen to keep their skin glowing all the time. A lot of sleep also helps as it is important for appearance and health as well. Everyone has a bad hair day, so what they do is that they just cover it up. Either tie your hair in a pony tail, a hat or sometimes both.

Another thing to do is to give your hair lots of shine with a silicone based spray before blow drying your hair.

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