Best Mascara for eyes

Vitamin E mascaras are gaining popularity among all women around the world. Mascaras that contain vitamin E not only keep the eye lash healthy but also allow for thickening of the eye lash.

This year the stylists are focusing on the fact that the mascara should help maintain a natural and subtle look. Good mascara is one which is not gelled upon on the eye lash but only helps enhancing the length and color of the eye lash.

You may try Rimmel and L’Oreal this season as these mascaras not only have a good length wand but also contain vitamins and minerals which help improve your eye lash and give a very good look after application. Removing both these mascaras is also easy and so you will prevent your eyes from being smudged due to the thick and sticky application.

Article publié pour la première fois le 22/07/2012

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