Best stilettos to have!

Stilettos are one of the oldest kinds of shoes loved by women around the globe. There are many reasons for the popularity of stilettos but mainly they are famous because they help women in looking taller and add style and sophistication to the outfit that is being worn.

Stilettos are mainly considered formal wear because the look elegant and allow for a all dressed up look. Stilettos have heels which can be long or medium length. Stilettos are either sandal shaped or they are coat shoe like. It is a good thought to buy stilettos in neutral shades so that you can wear them with all outfits. Black stiletto is a must as it can be worn with any other color. Also party and formal dresses are usually black. Stilettos in golden and silver color are also a good choice as both are shades that will go with most of your dresses.






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