Bigfoot: Fact or Fiction

America’s enduring legend about the bigfoot, a.k.a. sasquatch, yeti, and ape-man, has given X-files hunters another reason to pursue the chase of dramatic weirdness.  Proof of its existence would give the world much to ponder on, like how it has survived, why it has hidden from man, when it came to existence and many other scientific breakthroughs.  Evidence of the elusive creature come in different forms: blurry photos of people in a gorilla suit, grainy videos, large footprints that any barefoot man could have made, and recounts of an actual encounter.  People have seen, smell, heard, and felt the presence of a sasquatch but there had not been a single solid evidence to support it.

Lately, an audio evidence of bigfoot was played on American news.  It was a sound of a shrieking creature at the background of a video clip taken near a swampy area in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. This place has been a hotspot for bigfoot sightings.  People living in the surrounding area have been hearing weird animal sounds since November.  The strange cries, one resident said, comes from a baby bigfoot crying for its mother.  She said that the cries did not come from an animal but from a type of a human being.

When you think that things could not get any stranger, a group of “bigfoot experts” express their ideas.  One of them said that bigfoot is not just a single creature but a group of bigfoots out there.  These bigfoot hunters spend a lot of time in the Oregon mountains and collect important information and evidence about the hairy man beast.  Matt Moneymaker, Cliff Barackman, Ranae Holland and James Fay are strong believers that the yeti lives; and they’re as serious about it as Madonna is about Kabbalah water.

The bigfoot experts have collected a number of cryptic evidence but they’re similar to previous publicized information.  When asked about what he thought about the famous 1967 Bigfoot video by Patterson and Gimlin, Matt Moneymaker was so convinced that the video was not a man in an ape suit.  The group have studied tracks and have mapped the primate-like beast’s movements in Oregon.  Another mystery that will plague the minds of people is how on earth these bigfoot-obsessed oddities got to be featured on the Animal Planet channel.  Three seasons of “Finding Bigfoot” will soon be aired as a series of dumb-founding pursuit of the tabloid creature.

Article publié pour la première fois le 27/02/2013

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