Continental drift will shape up a new world

According to scientists, the geography of the world is going to shape into an entirely new world in about 250million years. Australia migrates north and may merge with Asia to form a massive supercontinent. While, Geologists at Yale University in the US have predicted that the America and Asia will drift north, to merge around the North Pole and form a supercontinent called “Amasia”, isolating the Arctic and Caribbean Oceans and the Atlantic Ocean will probably widen for a spell before it disappears.

Now the question is what happens when the continents collide? Referring to the Mediterranean region as known today, that shows that Africa has been slowly colliding with Europe for millions of years. Italy, Greece and almost everything in has been colliding with Europe for the last 40 million years. That collision has produced the Alps and the Pyrenees mountains over these years, and is responsible for earthquakes that occasionally strike the region.

It may be inferred that Australia is also likely to merge with the Eurasian continent since it is moving north and is already colliding with the southern islands of Southeast Asia and may collides against Borneo and south China and finally adding to Asia upon projecting its motion. In the meanwhile, America will move further away from Africa and Europe as the Atlantic Ocean steadily grows and is split by a new rock material that surges up from Earth’s interior that eventually widens the ocean.

Our generation may not survive to view this new world. But will there be any life left on earth in millions of years to witness it? There must be, though.

Article publié pour la première fois le 13/02/2012

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