Cure Acne with 5 simple remedies

1. Tooth Paste







Toothpaste is undoubtedly ranked among the oldest and most successful home remedies for acne. Home remedy users will back me up when I suggest that only pea’s share will help dry the affect pimple or zit area.

But to be on the safe side excessive amounts are to be avoided. Select a standard-toothpaste which has sulphur as its active ingredient, not teeth whiteners or tartar control.

2. Using Good Beauty Care Products








While using beauty care products such as soaps and face wash make sure the product is certified by the company and does not contain any harsh chemicals which might trigger irritation on the skin. Always use mild beauty care products to avoid inflammation.

3. Prepare Homemade Facial Masks









Grape seed oil facial mask, oatmeal mask and chocolate facial mask are rich in flavanoids that rejuvenate the skin and maintain its glow while anti-oxidants present in them help protect free radicals from harming the skin.

4. Healthy Workout






Adding good exercises to your daily routine helps maintain a healthy metabolic rate of skin and reduces the chances of acne outbreak. Half an hour workout is quite sufficient for daily basis but make sure it includes a good combination of cardiovascular exercises.

5. Having a Healthy Diet










The most important component in dealing acne is the intake of healthy food. Food rich in nutrition value keeps providing repair to skin cells. It also increases anti-oxidant levels which help removing toxins and dead cells. Try uncooked organic fruits and vegetables as they are abundant in nutrition value.


Article publié pour la première fois le 30/09/2012

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