Debunking Low-Carb Diet Myths


Carbohydrates come in two forms of food.  Simple carbohydrates are found foods like white bread, pastries and potato. Since they’re easily digested, one may feel hungry again after a couple of hours. The complex carbs include the likes of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These foods are slower to break down so it makes one’s stomach feel full for a longer time.  Because of this, simple carbs are deemed bad for the health.

Simple carbs are not entirely the culprit to an unhealthy body.  It also can be caused by genetic predisposition of slow metabolism, a lazy lifestyle, or an imbalance of food intake to calorie burning.  To most people, the diet trend of low carbohydrates translates to not consuming carbs at all.  A zero carbohydrate diet may help one lose weight but it could also be causing more harm than good. Here are some explanations one why low or zero carbs is not good for your health.

  1. In able to distribute essential nutrients throughout the system, carbohydrates are needed since it’s the primary source of energy. If there are no carbs to burn, the body will use up protein by converting it to glucose for energy. This effect will reduce the body’s protein source and thus will affect muscle mass.
  2. When there are no carbohydrates to break down for energy, the body’s defense mechanism will take charge by slowing down metabolism in order to conserve energy. This shift will result to weight gain which was the very thing that prompted you to stop eating carbohydrates.
  3. A low-carb diet is not ideal for active people especially those who work out to beef up their muscles.  Muscle fullness does not only depend on protein but mostly on carbohydrates. A low carbohydrate intake will create difficulty in body building and it will also make muscles feel soft.
  4. Getting no carbohydrates can easily expend one’s energy.  People who go on a diet without eating sufficient energy-giving food will tend to tire easily.  As a person loses weight, most of what’s lost is water. The lack of water in the body can make one lethargic.

It’s been a notion that eating as much protein as you want is better for you.  It depends on what kind of protein you eat. Remember that red meat is high in fat and it increases the risk of cancer, obesity and heart disease.

Article publié pour la première fois le 26/08/2013

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