Don’t Waste That Whey

As cheese makers sift out the milk solids, they’re left with a protein packed liquid called whey.  It can be re-used for another curdling cycle to make ricotta cheese, but the nutritious leftover has many other cool uses.  Here are some amazing kitchen and body applications for whey.

  1. Use it as a milk, buttermilk or liquid substitute for baking.  Since whey has little or almost no fat, it will significantly reduce the calories in your baked goods.  Bakers find that their bread would have a distinct milky aroma and they’re happy for benefiting from the nutrition that whey is providing.  Buttermilk scones also come out flaky and moist.
  2. Kids love drinking it as it is while still warm from the pot with a little bit of sugar.  Other things can also be added like chocolate, lemon and iced tea.
  3. Instead of using water for your oatmeal, use whey for the protein intake.  It’s a perfect ingredient to your dietary needs.
  4. Since whey contains lactic acid, vitamins and minerals, it can do wonders for the skin and hair. Lactic acid is one of the alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA) commonly found in beauty products.  AHAs peel out the dead layers of the skin to reveal younger cells underneath.  As whey peels dead skin, it can also nourish and protect the newly revealed cells.  Apply some whey on your face and leave it for five minutes.  Do not use commercial cleansers or soap when rinsing it off for maximum effect.  People who have used it noticed immediate results on their skin, saying that whey subdued dryness and made their facial skin feel supple.
  5. Whey can be used as natural hair moisturizers.  It’s free of harmful colorants and cheap chemicals that most manufacturers add in.  Leave it on your hair as you would do with hot oil treatments, covered with a moist towel or a shower cap.
  6. Whey can also be used as an whole body moisturizer.  After being out in the sun all day, or during days of skin dryness, massage your skin with whey and leave it for five minutes. This is particularly effective after being in a sauna as your pores are open.  Rinse well but make sure that your soap will not have triclosan or any strong chemical that will wash away the healthy components that the whey provided.  Whey has been known to ease skin irritations like eczema.

Article publié pour la première fois le 08/05/2013

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