Abilities in humans – Most extraordinary Top 5

1. Savants

Savants are people whose normal mental abilities are impaired to a certain extent but are talented well beyond geniuses in certain fields such as mathematical calculations, memorization, musical instruments or arts. Although they have issues with daily life routine and simple tasks, they excel dramatically in their areas of specialty due to their amazing abilities.

2. Super Tasters

They are people that have an increased amount of taste buds in their tongue that gives them the abilities to assess the taste of compounds with greater accuracy and identify flavors that normal people wouldn’t. Due to their primal response to heightened flavors, they have been shown to generally avoid alcohol, brussel sprouts due to bitterness, coffee and soft drinks. They show a preference for meat.

3. Echo Location

Echo location in humans, enables them the abilities of using sound to map their surroundings like sonar and be extra sensitive to it. Sound bounces off solids and its strength of rebound can also be used to check density of mediums so people who can echo locate are able to map their environment quite accurately.

4. Hyperthymesia

It is the condition in which the brain is able to record every moment with definitive clarity and can recall it with precision to the last detail. It gives a lot of extraordinary abilities for example such people never forget a moment of their lives and can recall any part of it as if it was a few seconds ago. As one of the lesser abilities is also situational awareness, they notice the tiniest of details of their surroundings in their vision.

5. Magnetoreception

The human body produces electricity that acts as carriers for nervous signals. This current also emits an electric field around the body, which also induces a very minute magnetic effect.

A protein called cryptochrome is responsible for activating magnetic perception of the surroundings in the body which gives the abilities of being extrasensory perception to electrical fields and in rare cases the ability to manipulate them, although it is dormant. Such ability would enable us to feel the earth’s magnetic field. There have been several documented reports of people that are able to induce biomagnetic effects on metals.


Article publié pour la première fois le 13/10/2012

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