Electricity bill reduction Top 5 tips

1. Keep your equipment well maintained

Appliances with poor maintenance tend to waste a lot of electricity due to inefficient electrical conduction through the circuits. By checking if wiring is not damaged, the appliances are in good condition, if ventilation and thermal systems are in maximum efficiency makes sure that money is not wasted and electricity bill remains minmum.

2. Switch off appliances that are not in use

This might seem like a small thing but in reality appliances that are not switched off continue to drain electricity, especially when they are in standby mode such as VCRs, televisions, stereos, computers. The accumulated savings on electricity of appliances in the house that are not on standby adds up to a big amount.

3. Change to Energy Savers

The technology of energy saving appliances drastically reduce electricity bill although they don’t come cheap. They offer longer lives, energy efficiency and work just as good as their counterparts. Electric bulbs, washing machines and irons all consume a lot of electricity so switching to energy savers is a good idea.

4. Switch off fans that are not in use

Fans are used widely during summers to cool off and in most cases left running when no one is present in their vicinity. This adds up to a lot of electricity consumption and increasing bill. By switching the fans off a substantial amount of the electricity bill can be slashed.

5. Pay your bills on time

One of the main reasons why electricity bill happens to increase with time is because most people do not pay it on time.  Even with a small penalty, it increases continuously and you may end up paying double the original electricity bill. By simply being timely on the payments can lift a huge amount of penalties of your electricity bill and keep it under control.

Article publié pour la première fois le 15/10/2012

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