Experiments on Humans that are the 5 most Horrifying

1. Nazi Concentration Camp Experiments

Without doubt the most evil and sadistic of all experiments involving humans, the Nazis herded thousands of prisoners into their concentration camps, most notably Auschwitz under the supervision of Dr. Eduard Wirths where they committed every war crime possible.

Prisoners were separated on the basis of gender, height, race and other qualities. From there onwards they were subjected to the worst forms of experiments conducted on humans. Dr. Eduard conducted experiments on twins by sewing their parts on each other and even trying to create conjoined twins, attempted to change eye color to blue that was signature of Aryans and prisoners were subjected to subzero temperatures until they died to be observed as to how they reacted to hypothermia.

The definition of medical study to the Nazis was to conduct experiments on prisoners that included exposure to radiation to sterilize them, toxins and pathogens were injected into them, they were injured to simulate battlefield wounds and various methods were employed to see which would be effective, all in the name of science.

2. Project 4.1.

The nuclear tests on March 1, 1954 in Castle Bravo, Bikini Atoll, U.S.A. had an unexpectedly vast fallout radius that included Marshall Islands. This site proved to be an effective study ground for the U.S. Effects of this radioactivity were well documented in the experiments conducted.

For the first ten years of the experiments, the radiation proved to have no pattern of causing illnesses and they came in the form of fetus abortions, skin problems and organ problems. After this, their effect began to surface solidly. People began to suffer from different forms of cancers, tumors became common, children were born with deformities and a third of the population developed neoplasm.

3. Unit 731

During the World War 2, the Japanese Imperial Army had formed a secret chemical and biological weapons and experiments research and development division codenamed Unit 731, which is notoriously famous for committing every war crime that has been ever thought of.

Commander Shiro Ishii and his comrades and sadistic scientists performed many horrifying experiments such as using flamethrowers and poison gas against prisoners, raping prisoners to inflict sexually transmitted diseases for study, dissecting living people and cutting open pregnant women that were in most cases raped by the unit all under the banner of medical study.

4. Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

A medical study of syphilis in Negroes, the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment was started on 1932 on 399 Negro males in Alabama. The motive of the experiments was to ascertain how the disease would ravage them.

In the experiments, patients were denied diagnosis, treatment, administered placebos and not informed of their condition. Their consent was not taken and no medical facilities were provided. Only 74 survived and 40 of them had transmitted the disease to their spouses.

5. Stanford Prison Experiment

Conducted by psychologist Philip Zimbardo at the basement of Stanford University psychology wing in 1971, the main theme of the experiment was to place a group of select individuals in a prison setting with the roles of guards and prisoners.

The experiment rapidly escalated beyond control with the participants going beyond their roles which led to life threating situations and emotional scarring. Seeing the turn of events, Zimbardo decided to call off the trial entirely.

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